Health Teas

Teas are a great way to extend your health. We sometimes spend a lot of time choosing food for medicine. Consider what you consume as drink as medicine as well.

How daily cups of tea may improve your health;

10 Tips with Teas

  1. Teas rehydrate... most people are dehydrated
  2. Teas may help mental health. Enjoy the regular routine and ritual of making a pot of tea
  3. Teas may help protect your bones.
  4. Teas may boost your immune system
  5. Teas help with temperature warm you in winter and cool you in summer.
  6. Teas may help with circulation to the brain and cognition
  7. Teas may help with weight loss
  8. Teas may soothe your digestive system
  9. Teas contain antioxidants 
  10. Teas bring a smile to your face when you connect with others, share with friends. 

Add extra Ingrediants to enhance tea qualities like cinamon, mint, tumeric and bananas.

There are many ways to drink them, you are only limited by your imagination.